Directed and Edited by: Robin Blotnick
Director of Photography: Carl Wooley
Produced by: Jill Higgins and Joe Blotnick
Original Music Performed by: Members of the Loma Guaconejo Cooperative

Film Details

Release Date: 2007
Runtime: 31 min.
In Spanish (with English subtitles)

A beautifully conceived rural tapestry.
— Seattle Film Festival Jury Statement

In the isolated hill towns of the Dominican Republic, cacao farmers have been fighting a losing battle with the global economy for as long as anyone can remember. But in Loma Guaconejo, things are about to change. If the farmers here can win organic certification and market their product directly to the United States, they just might manage to turn the system on its head. But to pull it off will take the effort of an entire community.

Featuring a stirring soundtrack by local folk musicians, and an inside look at chocolate production from seed to pod to bean to powder, this thirty minute documentary won a Grand Jury Prize at the Seattle International Film Festival.

Funny and intelligent, this film tells an important story of a political act within the struggle for survival
— Wim Wenders, filmmaker
Its simple story of triumph... is very inspiring.
— Chimamanda Adichie, novelist


  • Winner, Grand Jury Prize: 2006 Seattle International Film Festival

  • Winner, Empowerment Category, 2010 ViewChange Film Contest 

  • Official Selection: Sidewalk Film Festival, Calgary International Film Festival, AFI Latin American Film Festival, Maryland Film Festival, Tallgrass Film Festival, Dominican Republic Global Film Festival, Cucalorus Film Festival, and others

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Support the Cooperative: Eat Chocolate!

Artisanal chocolatiers Mast Brothers and Taza buy cacao directly from the farmers featured in this film.